How I Can Keep Squirrels Out Of My Yard

Want To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Yard?

Don’t get me wrong.  I actually like squirrels.  I think they’re cute!  Sure, they like to get into my bird seed and drink out of my water feeder.

But one evening I decided to buy an expensive bag of premium nuts and fruits.  I was excited to see the quality of birds this investment was going to attract!
When I woke up the next morning, I not only had a squirrel on my back porch but I had FIVE squirrels knoshing on my stuff!
Well, I spent that day trying to figure out how to keep the squirrels away from my back porch.  I couldn’t just sit at the breakfast table all day long and shoo them when they jumped on…so for a few days, I didn’t have ANY bird seed sitting out.  I was ticked.
It’s not that I don’t like them…I love animals.  Shucks, I keep a small bowl of cheap cat food outside the garage for a couple of wild cats that roam our neighborhood.
Plus, I bought a bag a peanuts in the shell for my furry squirrely friends only to find that they buried all of them for the winter!

Then I started “googling’ how to keep squirrels away.

I wasn’t going to buy anything poisonous and I didn’t want to try the cayenne or chili pepper theory to keep squirrels away.  I kept running across an advertisement on a solar-powered gizmo that not only helps to keep squirrels out of the yard, but also works on other rodents and stray animals…..except birds.

I thought there was no way that cheezy thing would work….but I guess I was getting desperate.  I really wanted to put bird seed out but was sick of having all the squirrels in the neighborhood have a party at my expense!  So I went ahead and invested in one.  I looked around and found the best deal through Amazon.
I anxiously waited for my shipment.  As soon as I got it, I unpacked it.  It was of good quality.  I peeled off the solar covering, pulled the plastic battery protector (to activate it), turned it to solar mode, took it outside, sat it outside on a chair, poured the premium bird seed/nuts/fruit in several containers all over the deck…and then I waited.
Well, I’m very proud to say that I have not seen one squirrel on my back porch since I’ve been using this gizmo.   I was afraid the birds would be scared off but they have been coming in droves!  Needless to say, if you are looking for the best way to keep squirrels out of your yard, this is the route to go.

If you want more information, the best deal I found was through Amazon.  Click HERE to get access to the cheapest one I could find.

Trust me, if you are wanting to keep squirrels out of your yard, with a money-back guarantee, this is well worth it!

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